eb config --> deploy

I learned something useful the other day. We use AWS ElasticBeanstalk (let’s just call it EB) at work for deploying the various components of our SOA. I use the eb CLI tool a lot when working with those EB apps.

EB stores the configuration data it needs for each app as a YAML file in S3. One of the commands the eb CLI provides is eb config, which allows management of those YAML files from the command line:

  • eb config list to list the saved configurations in S3
  • eb config save to download a YAML file that describes the current configuration of the app
  • eb config put to upload a YAML file from local disk to S3
  • etc.

What I didn’t know was that just eb config will pull down the app’s current configuration and send it to a buffer in the current EDITOR. If any changes are saved in that buffer, then eb will deploy the changed configuration to the running EB app.

This means that updating, e.g., a security group is as simple as eb config, make the change, then save to deploy.