aws tab complete

I would go insane if I did’t wire-up tab completion for the aws CLI. There are just too many commands to remember. To do that, I dropped this line in my .awsrc:

complete -C aws_completer aws

So now when I type aws <tab>, I get a list of possible commands, like this:

~ $ aws <tab>
autoscaling         ec2                 rds
cloudformation      ecs                 redshift
cloudhsm            elasticache         route53
cloudsearch         elasticbeanstalk    route53domains
cloudsearchdomain   elastictranscoder   s3
cloudtrail          elb                 s3api
cloudwatch          emr                 ses
cognito-identity    glacier             sns
cognito-sync        iam                 sqs
configservice       importexport        storagegateway
configure           kinesis             sts
datapipeline        kms                 support
deploy              lambda              swf
directconnect       logs
dynamodb            opsworks

And similarly for a subcommand like aws elasticbeanstalk describe-<tab>:

$ aws elasticbeanstalk describe-<tab>
describe-application-versions     describe-environment-resources
describe-applications             describe-environments
describe-configuration-options    describe-events